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Office Building constructed for RAPTRONIC PROCESS ENGINEERING

The Office Building constructed for RAPTRONIC PROCESS ENGINEERING is a significant achievement within RAP Group. This modern office building, strategically located in Brașov, Romania, represents a dedicated space for innovation, collaboration, and continuous development.



Project: Office Building

Location: Brașov, România

Duration: 6 months cumulatively in multiple phases

Built surface: 550 sqm

General Contracting was provided by RAP DEVELOPMENT


Size and Flexibility: The Office Building constructed for RAPTRONIC PROCESS ENGINEERING spans a built-up area of 550 square meters, providing ample space for efficient work activities and interdepartmental collaboration. Flexible floor plans allow easy adaptation of space to meet the changing needs of the company.

Central and Accessible Location: Situated in a central location in Brașov, the building offers easy access to the transportation network and local services. This facilitates interactions with clients and partners, thereby fostering a dynamic and connected business environment.

Functional Design and Modern Aesthetics: The building’s design was conceived to blend utility with modern aesthetics. Interior spaces are configured to cater to organizational needs, encouraging communication and productivity. The distinctive architectural design adds a touch of sophistication to the urban landscape.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: We are dedicated to sustainable and environmentally responsible construction. From construction materials to energy-efficient technologies, we have integrated solutions that contribute to reducing our environmental impact.

Providing Flexible Spaces: The office building offers flexible and adaptable spaces designed to meet the evolving needs of the RAP Group. This flexibility allows for adjustments and optimizations for the future as the company evolves.

General Contracting Provided by RAP DEVELOPMENT: The coordination and execution of this project were managed by RAP DEVELOPMENT, a company within the RAP Group. Our team of construction specialists successfully implemented the project’s vision and requirements over a cumulative construction period of 6 months.

RAP Tronic Process Engineering is a part of the RAP Group, a group of companies that develop and implement comprehensive solutions for industrial processes and construction. Each company focuses on a specific field, ranging from general construction works to electrical, heating, plumbing installations, and process technology for the food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, personal care, or chemical industries. Located in Brașov, Romania, the RAP Group companies have undertaken international projects in 40 countries across 6 continents.

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