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Why RAP Development?

Our buildings and partnerships are built on solid foundations

RAP Development is a part of RAP Group and has offered general contracting services since 2007.

What have these 15 years of experience taught us? That the role of a general contractor is essential in ensuring that the project objectives and timelines are consistently met.

And we put our greatest efforts into meeting the highest expectations of this role.


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We offer solid, transparent partnerships and constant communication. We budget project costs efficiently so that price changes do not have a major impact on the general economy of the project.

A correct planning of costs and execution time guarantees obtaining optimal results.


What drives us

Solid partnerships

We establish strong bonds with all of our stakeholders, including clients, partners, and collaborators, through open communication, confidence, and commitment to each project.

Continuous development

With each project that we customize specifically to meet the needs of our clients, we develop. We are inventive in identifying the most efficient solutions and each request is treated differently by us.

Technological performance

In every area of work, we have assembled teams of devoted professionals. They have a strong enthusiasm for technology and are meticulous about every detail.


The perfect mix of experience, know-how and perseverance  

Turnkey constructions

RAP Development offers full construction and pre-construction, renovation and rehabilitation services. Whether we are talking about the industrial, commercial, residential, medical or entertainment sector, we understand the particularities of each sector and are prepared to deliver construction services with a high degree of customization.

Strategic approach

The ability to understand the big picture of a project is essential for a general construction contractor. We think strategically, always looking for the best options and anticipating obstacles that could affect the end goal. We plan carefully down to the smallest detail and always have a backup plan to the backup plan so that we meet our goals.

Continuous collaboration

We communicate both internally and externally in a clear and timely way. We carefully monitor execution processes, ensuring that we keep a clear record of information. We are fully involved in every stage of the project, from planning to further development of the project.

Efficiency is key

In the constructions field, every project is unique and may come with challenges that are not easy to detect in the early stages. General contracting means optimizing resources in every situation, even in the unplanned ones. We constantly improve our workflows to achieve the best outcome within the agreed timeframe.


Multidisciplinary teams for exceptional results

You can be confident that every construction job under the RAP Group umbrella includes experts in heating, electrical, or mechanical installations. The skilled project managers and site managers at RAP Development oversee and handle all of our work.


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How can we help?

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I would like to receive a tender and I do have the project.

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