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After projects in 40 countries on 6 continents, we know very well how important it is to fully understand the needs of the client.

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The project began on an empty plot of land with no infrastructure, and the finished product was an industrial unit that was completely operational.

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Greenfield investment with “Design & Build” package implementation for a total built area of 20,000 sqm, structured in 10 halls.

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The investment was represented by a building extension, the main function of which is the refrigerated storage of dairy products.

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RAP Confectionary

Producing since 2009 for Kandia, Auchan and Metro, and delivering products throughout Europe (Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany and Greece), Rap Confectionery manages to maintain its partnerships with companies above due to the high quality standards under which it operates.

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Ready Garment Technology, Bulgaria

RAP Development provided project management for Ready Garment Technology in Bulgaria from November 2017 to August 2018. We successfully managed the construction of production, warehousing, and office spaces. The built area of 4,040 square meters and exterior renovations of 5,100 square meters reflect our commitment to quality and performance.

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VRANCART is a particularly valuable partner for RAP DEVELOPMENT, the representative company within the RAP Group, specializing in general entrepreneurship.

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Ready Garment Technology România SRL

The project “Production Hall Expansion, Warehousing, and Administrative Spaces” represents a significant collaboration between Ready Garment Technology Romania SRL and RAP DEVELOPMENT, a company with vast experience in managing complex construction projects.

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S.C. CROCO S.R.L. is a leader in Romania in the production of products such as “Brezel,” “Crackers,” “Sticks,” and “Petit Beurre,” and we are proud to have contributed to strengthening their market leadership position. The company has had a strong market presence since its establishment in October 1994, and their registered brands, including “Croco,” are recognized and appreciated by consumers.

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Apex Heat-Transfer

The “Production Hall Expansion for Apex Heat-Transfer Romania” project is a significant endeavor located in Cristian, Romania. The general contractor for this project was again RAP DEVELOPMENT, and we deployed extensive experience in construction project management.

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COFICAB Eastern Europe

The “Production and Storage Hall Expansion” project developed for COFICAB Eastern Europe, is situated in Arad, Romania, and has been unfolded between April 2011 and November 2011.

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RAP DEVELOPMENT team took on the responsibility of managing and fully implementing this ambitious project, encompassing both the construction of the production hall and the office building, with a total built area of 3,000 square meters

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