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RAP Development presents the reference project that consisted in expanding the cold storage capacity of DELACO DISTRIBUTION Codlea. The investment was represented by a building extension, the main function of which is the refrigerated storage of dairy products. The total build area of the cold store exceeds 4100 square meters.


Within the project, the following main objectives were achieved:

• Refrigerated storage unit with a ridge height of over 13 m
• Administrative building developed on 2 levels: Ground floor and First floor
• Technical space arranged on the ground floor,
• 2 water tanks necessary for the hydrant system and the sprinkler system
• Pump station building
• Expansion of the rainwater retention basin
• As exterior improvements, we constructed over 1,500 square meters of roads, platforms and sidewalks, the same being asphalted or with crushed stone.




The following categories of structural works were carried out at the main building.

  • Infrastructure: includes isolated foundations made up of monolithic foundation blocks and precast socket footing.
  • The floor at the ±0.00 level is made of reinforced concrete respectively with thermal insulation of extruded polystyrene mounted under the entire surface of the floor, thus ensuring the first stage for the requirement of energy efficiency considering the purpose of the building.
  • For the Superstructure part, we achieved:
  • Building body – Refrigerated storage hall with:
    • Main columns in precast reinforced concrete;
    • Respective main transversal and longitudinal metal beams made of welded sheets with variable or constant section;
  • The bodies of the Technological and Social Administrative Buildings are made entirely of metal structure with reinforced concrete slab in lost formwork system.


At the main building, the following categories of architectural works were carried out:

  • The external walls are made of a system consisting of 17cm thick Sandwich Panels with mineral wool insulation;
  • The Roof part includes a System consisting of self-supporting corrugated sheet metal, mineral wool with a total thickness of 20cm mounted in 2 layers to eliminate thermal bridges, PVC membrane – thus resulting in the building envelope designed for the purpose of the main building, namely cold storage 4 degrees.
  • The interior partitions are made either with fire-resistant sandwich panels with mineral wool or with brick walls for the technical spaces. In the administrative space, there are internal partitions made with wall systems made of double-clad plasterboard.
  • The loading/unloading process is facilitated by sectional doors with fully equipped hydraulic leveling ramps.
  • The exterior windows are made entirely of aluminum,
  • All interior doors are made of fire-resistant materials, respectively of: simple metal pedestrian doors and interior door systems consisting of high-speed PVC doors doubled by sliding metal doors


For the administrative building, we mention the following details:

  • The interior windows and doors consists of windows made of fire-resistant glass with a view into the cold store, respectively metal interior doors or aluminum system.
  • The interior finishes are represented by: tiled floors or PVC flooring depending on the destination of the space, coffered ceilings, plasterboard ceilings, plasterboard partitions for sanitary groups, etc.


For the installations chapter, the following were done:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating installations
  • Hydrants
  • Sprinklers
  • Smoke exhaust system
  • Rainwater installations
  • Electrical installations strong currents and weak currents


The active involvement and continuous collaboration of the Delaco Distribution and Rap Development teams were essential components that ensured the success of this project.

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