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Ready Garmet Technology

RAP Development provided project management for Ready Garment Technology in Bulgaria from November 2017 to August 2018. We successfully managed the construction of production, warehousing, and office spaces. The built area of 4,040 square meters and exterior renovations of 5,100 square meters reflect our commitment to quality and performance.


Client: Ready Garment Technology, Bulgaria

Project: Office Building and Exterior Renovations

Location: Targovishte, Bulgaria

Duration: November 2017 – August 2018

Built surface: 4040 sqm

Exterior works: 5100 sqm

RAP DEVELOPMENT General Contractor


Ready Garment Technology, a recognized company in the field of clothing washing, dyeing, and finishing, benefited from our customized and high-quality solutions. Leveraging our expertise in general contracting and project management, we delivered a strong and trustworthy partnership. We ensured superior construction quality and adhered to established timelines, always emphasizing customer satisfaction. Our dedicated and experienced team worked closely with Ready Garment Technology to ensure the efficient implementation of plans and the delivery of functional and modern spaces.

This project is a continuation of our successful collaboration following our general contracting services for the “Platanus” project carried out earlier for Ready Garment Technology Romania SRL. The project involved the expansion of the production and warehousing hall, as well as administrative spaces in Baraolt, Romania.

After successfully providing general contracting for the “Platanus” project, our team earned the trust of Ready Garment Technology Romania SRL, leading us to take on the project management in Bulgaria. Our goal is to continue delivering high-quality results tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our client.

The expansion project involved an integrated approach with careful attention to detail to ensure efficient space optimization, improved production flow, and increased storage capacity. Furthermore, special attention was given to the design of administrative spaces to create a functional and comfortable working environment.

Our team of professionals worked closely with representatives from Ready Garment Technology Romania SRL to ensure effective communication and synergistic collaboration throughout the project. We applied best practices and used high-quality materials and technologies, guaranteeing exceptional results.

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