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Production Hall Expansion and Exterior Renovations

The “Production Hall Expansion for Apex Heat-Transfer Romania” project is a significant endeavor located in Cristian, Romania. The general contractor for this project was again RAP DEVELOPMENT, and we deployed extensive experience in construction project management.


Client: Apex Heat-Transfer

Project: Production Hall Expansion and Exterior Renovations

Location: Brașov, România

Duration: 08/2015  – 02/2016

Built surface: 2.510 sqm

Exterior works: 1.800 sqm

RAP DEVELOPMENT General Contractor


The aim of this project was to expand the existing production hall and carry out exterior renovations, taking an integrated approach to optimize space and streamline activities. The built area for this project totaled 2,510 square meters, thereby providing increased production and storage capacity for Apex Heat-Transfer Romania. Additionally, 1,800 square meters of exterior renovations were completed to ensure a functional and safe working environment.

This strategic expansion of the production hall aligns with the development plans of the Dutch APEX Group, a company specialized in heat exchanger manufacturing with seven factories across Europe.

The project was carried out from August 2015 to February 2016 in Cristian, Brașov County, Romania. The RAP DEVELOPMENT team actively participated in all project phases, ensuring the quality and professionalism of the work in accordance with relevant industry standards.

The expansion of the production hall for Apex Heat-Transfer Romania strengthened the trusted relationship between RAP DEVELOPMENT and this important client. We are proud to have been their partner in achieving development objectives and contributing to the company’s increased capacity and operational efficiency. This project serves as a shining example of efficient collaboration and joint efforts for the long-term success of both parties involved.

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